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Head ESG & Cyber Resiliency

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About Prashant Mehta

Prashant, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of industry experience, specializing in Risk Management, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. With a proven track record of leadership and innovation, Prashant has played a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of various organizations and guiding them through challenges with resilience and adaptability.
Prashant brings a wealth of expertise in ESG considerations, helping organizations navigate the complexities of sustainable business practices and responsible governance. His strategic insights and hands-on approach ensure alignment with global ESG standards, fostering transparency and accountability.
Known for his proficiency in risk management, Prashant ensures strict adherence to compliance requirements across diverse international jurisdictions. He has led successful audits and assessments, collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate ESG principles into organizational frameworks.
Prashant has held senior management positions with reputable organizations such as CIBIL, Syntel State Street, Intertrust Group, Mahindra, and Intelenet, among others. His strategic roles include managing ESG initiatives, where he demonstrates leadership in driving sustainable business practices and ethical governance.
At MitKat, Prashant plays a pivotal role in guiding organizations towards excellence in ESG, Business Continuity & Cyber Resiliency. He is also providing strategic guidance & handholding select clients as a Virtual CISO. His global footprint extends across North America, the Middle East, and Asia, where he effectively engages with regulatory bodies and shapes strategic directions to integrate ESG considerations.
Throughout his career, Prashant has demonstrated his ability to drive efficiency and innovation in fast-paced environments. His roles as Chief Operating Officer at The Internet People and Global Business Continuity Planner at GlobeOp Financial Services highlight his expertise in fostering ESG-aligned business resilience and risk management.
With a rich and diverse background spanning various industries and domains, Prashant brings invaluable insights and leadership to the MitKat team, empowering organizations to embrace ESG principles and navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable business practices with confidence and resilience.

His love for problem solving and technology help him create state of the art software for hitherto unexplored industries. His rich and diverse experience, having worked with the financial, manufacturing, ecommerce and information technology sectors previously, aids in creating solutions that are practical while addressing all problem areas.

At MitKat Advisory Services, Ameya heads the technology vertical and has been pivotal in launching several technology based solutions such as Risk Tracker Portal and the Mobile App, Safety Audit platforms, COVID-19 Dashboard and Containment Zone map and Risk and Intelligence Monitoring Engine (RIME).

A Software Engineer by profession, Ameya is an adventurer at heart. A trait that allows him to take risks while making a statement along the way.

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