MitKat has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, providing comprehensive and meticulous services to its clients. Through thorough research, analysis, and attention to detail, the company ensures that clients can trust in the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. With a track record of success in uncovering critical insights and mitigating risks, clients can confidently entrust their needs to the company, knowing their interests are safeguarded with diligence and expertise”. Frauds are on the rise – across industries and geographies. MitKat’s fraud risk management framework helps organisations prevent, detect and investigate frauds. 

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Brand Enforcement & Protection

Brand Enforcement protects your reputation and increases the value of your brand thereby contributing to profits. We have 10 years of experience identifying counterfeiters, tracking their channels of trade, and locating goods. Fortune 500 companies rely on us to help safeguard their brand and reputation. We have the ability to operate in remote locations across South Asia, and to deliver such services with our partner organisations in other geographies.

Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

Intellectual Property Protection offers protection of your products, patents, and profits. We work with brand owners, manufacturers, law firms, in-house counsel, and other stakeholders to implement incremental solutions and tactical actions to combat increasingly sophisticated intellectual property crime. Services: Market Surveys, Criminal / Enforcement Actions, Online Monitoring, Investigations and Supply Chain Audits. Some of the world’s largest global corporations turn to our experts for investigating and resolving IPP issues.

Due Diligence Investigation

Due diligence checks are invaluable in assessing potential investor relations, business partners, senior management, personnel involved in mergers and acquisitions etc. This would help you know the ethical behaviour, financials, criminal background, court cases, media news, etc. MitKat’s has valuable experience of carrying out basic as well as advanced due diligence. We use desktop searches, publicly available information, paid databases, as well as deploy ground sources and field operatives to confirm, deny or verify findings. MitKat’s services include Third Part / Vendor Due Diligence, Counter Party Due Diligence, Integrity Due Diligence and Senior Management Due Diligence. These can be customised to meet your unique requirements.

Background Verification

Background verification in investigations involves the process of thoroughly checking professional, educational, and criminal history to verify the accuracy of the information provided and assess their credibility, integrity, and suitability for a specific role or purpose. Background verification plays a vital role in investigations by providing organizations with reliable and trustworthy information to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and maintain trust and integrity in their operations.

Undercover Investigations

Situations where undercover work has helped include: theft, sexual harassment, kickback schemes, industrial espionage, substance abuse, workplace violations, fraud, and compliance issues. Our undercover security agents are trained to catch nuances, build trust, and develop leads. Covert operatives can reveal more information than most security systems or CCTVs could ever hope to capture.

Forensic Accounting

Know and understand where money flows and prevent white-collar crime. An effective forensic investigation will help determine the source of financial fraud in areas such as payroll, expense reporting, contract bidding, and invoicing, and act as a foundation for future fraud prevention.

Fraud Investigation Services

Investigation corporate training for clients, institutions, and investigation units is an educational program or course designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to conduct effective and thorough investigations.

Asset Tracing

Banks, financial institutions, investors, venture capitalists need help in tracing assets when their investment/loans go bad and they need to find assets to recover their capital investments. It may be against individuals/companies. MitKat has the requisite expertise to assist clients in tracing their assets directly or through advisors.

Skip Tracing

Keep track of promoters and key personnel of companies, who are considered strong competition in key markets. They could be challenging your own brand and business. As the market gets more competitive, several companies feel the need for such services.

Whistle-blowers’ Complaints

Whistle-blowers’ complaints can bring to light wrongdoings in your organisation. Such claims could also be frivolous allegations intended to protect your company in a bad light. MitKat can help you get to the truth of allegations, or absence thereof, so that you can decide appropriate next steps, while acting on a whistle-blower’s claim.

Cyber Forensics & Review of Evidence

E-discovery is an important process of gathering the evidence that may be used in support of forensic investigations and disputes. MitKat has the necessary experience and expertise for the same. 

Investigation Corporate Training

Fraud investigation services are specialist offerings made by experts to identify, look into, and address fraud cases in businesses or other entities. Frauds like Procurement Fraud, Supply Chain Frauds.

Case Studies

To trace the consignment of raw cashew nuts sent by an African company and imported by a Haryana-based through Tuticorin port in Tamil Nadu

Support Extended

MitKat’s Investigation Team provided comprehensive integrity risk management for a company based in UAE wherein various Supply Chain Frauds were highlighted along with mitigation measures and recommendations.


During the investigation, the surveyor's sample testing report revealed a complex and suspicious situation surrounding the consignment of cashew nuts stored at Godown in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The consignment arrived in suboptimal condition, leading to substantial financial losses as the cashews deteriorated over time. ​

This contention, coupled with contradictions found in the documents related to the consignment, raises concerns about potentially fraudulent activities or collusion among the parties involved​.

Anti-Counterfeiting Market Survey with actionable insights into the anti-counterfeiting landscape prevailing in the Indian market

Support Extended

MitKat’s Investigation Team provided a comprehensive anti-counterfeit market survey for American-based MNC to highlight the presence of counterfeited laptops and mobile phones


A multi-faceted anti-counterfeit market survey has been done in the metropolitan cities of India. Proper real-time information was given to process, and analyse, and actionable insights were shared for remedial action

Understanding the modus operandi of the suspected employees and vendors, Lifestyle mapping of suspected employees, Asset tracing of suspected employees, understanding of ‘red flags’ in the procurement process, and Assessing the approximate financial loss to the company

Support Extended

MitKat’s Investigation Team provided comprehensive integrity risk management for a company based in India wherein various fraud risks were highlighted along with mitigation measures and recommendations


Investigation revealed the complete modus operandi of suspected employees and vendors viz. mixing of substandard product, prices manipulation, sharing of margins, illegal cash transactions, profit percentage charge, accepting of favours, various accounts of employees wherein cash was deposited, manipulation of purchase system right from quality to security checks to field buyers. Investigation revealed that suppliers were coerced/ threatened to agree to suspected employees’ terms and conditions. Artificial manipulation of product prices citing low production. Suspected employees were found to be possessing assets in excess of INR 10 crores while having a salary of approx. 1 lakh per month

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