Executive Protection Services with MitKat Advisory

Executive Protection Services with MitKat Advisory

Executive Protection Services with MitKat Advisory

At MitKat Advisory, we specialize in providing comprehensive Executive Protection Services to ensure the safety and security of high-profile individuals and corporate executives. Our tailored solutions address the unique needs of each client, delivering unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Protection Solutions

Close Protection Executives

Our highly trained Close Protection Executives are adept at safeguarding clients in various environments. Whether it’s for daily routines or special events, our team ensures constant vigilance and proactive security measures.

Event Security Planning and Protection

We meticulously plan and execute security strategies for events, ensuring the safety of attendees and the seamless flow of activities. Our team is experienced in managing security for a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to high-profile social functions.

Control Centres Management

MitKat can manage the entire Executive Protection effort for any major or multiple deployments from our state-of-the-art Control Centres. This centralized approach ensures coordinated and efficient security operations.

Advanced Tracking and Transportation

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

We offer technical surveillance counter-measures, including de-bugging services, to protect against unauthorized monitoring and ensure confidentiality.

Emergency Response

MitKat provides immediate and effective emergency response solutions, ready to address any unforeseen incidents.

Pre-Visit Preparations

Risk Monitoring

Our Risk Team conducts live monitoring of the visit areas, starting in advance and continuing throughout the visit, ensuring proactive risk management.

Security Briefing

We provide detailed security briefings, updating clients on the current security situation and necessary precautions.

Reconnaissance (Recce)

We perform advance route, alternate route, and venue reconnaissance to ensure safe and efficient travel plans.

Hotel Vetting

MitKat vets hotels and selects the most secure rooms, providing clients with the highest level of safety and comfort.

Evacuation Plan

We design comprehensive evacuation plans, identifying safe havens and resources for efficient evacuation in case of emergencies.

Airport Facilitation

General Meet & Greet

Our facilitation team meets principals at the airport, ensuring a smooth transition from arrival to hotel check-in.

Special Airport Facilitation

We assist with airport procedures and luggage handling, providing a seamless travel experience.

Check-In Assistance

Our team supports executives during airport check-in when departing from India, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Protective Services

Executive Protection

We deploy unarmed protection personnel to support visiting executives, ensuring their safety without drawing attention.

Armed Escort

Based on risk assessments, we provide armed executive protection when necessary, ensuring maximum security.

Additional Resources

MitKat can deploy additional personnel on short notice if the security situation changes or if the executive requires augmented protection.

Medical Support

Ambulance Services

We arrange for ambulances to shadow convoys during critical movements, providing immediate medical assistance if needed.

Special Drugs/Blood Supply

We ensure the availability of special drugs and relevant blood supplies in advance, catering to the specific medical needs of our clients.

Logistic Support

Vehicle Provision

We provide vehicles driven by interviewed and security-briefed drivers, ensuring safe and reliable transportation.

Driver Identification and Training

MitKat conducts thorough identification and training of drivers, emphasizing security, defensive driving, and incident management.

Vetting of Drivers

Our drivers undergo background checks to ensure they have no criminal or financial defaulter records.

Expert Consultants

Deployment of Consultants

Depending on the operational requirements, MitKat deploys individual consultants or teams to provide specialized expertise and support.

Key Differentiators

At MitKat Advisory, we understand the complexities and challenges of executive protection. Our comprehensive services and experienced team provide the highest level of security, allowing clients to focus on their business with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect you and your organization.

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